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Say Yes Philosophy

Welcome to the Space  of  Non-Resistance





Barbara   Chabior


                         It is natural to look to the external world for causes of emotional upset or physical pain and easy to find them there. Our minds habitually tell us that we would be happier if only those around us behaved differently, if only our partner, work colleagues, friends and countless strangers could just be more sympathetic, less difficult. We construct stories to help make sense of the way others act, often drawing on memories of past experience for imaginative details and using them to strengthen negative patterns of thinking: ‘He doesn’t like me’, ‘She always does that’, ‘I can’t stand the way he talks to me’, ‘I never feel good when she’s around’. These tales provide an illusion of comfort. They may also turn our experience into a living hell of blame, recrimination, resentment and anger intensified by self-pity or self-loathing.






                      Barbara’s person-centred approaches combine the power of Holistic Voice Therapy and mindfulness practices with elements of kinetic, acoustic, visual and imaginative play. Each session unfolds gently and with kindness, encouraging you to discover your true Self, free from the mind’s unhelpful chatter and ingrained patterns of self-limiting beliefs. As you ‘Say Yes’ to thoughts and feelings of all kinds, a new spirit of conscious awareness emerges. Barbara will introduce you to the liberating energy of non-resistance and acceptance, giving you the confidence to open up to life’s abundant richness.

                      Before we can change our inner experience, we need to accept with kindness what’s there already. We need to ‘Say Yes’ to whatever arises in our experience, own it, cherish it and let it go. As you learn to change from within, you’ll find that your experience of the outside world – of life itself – changes with it. When we ‘Say Yes’ to the constant flow of change in our thoughts, emotions and feelings, we begin to discover the very depths of our Being and step away from our mind’s story-telling habits. We learn to embrace instability; to embody our experience right now, as it is.

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