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Athene's Theory of Everything

This documentary deals with the subjects of reality, quantum mechanics, neuroscience and human psychology.It claims that the convergence of neural interaction expresses itself as consciousness. “….At every moment, we are, a different image. A different entity when mirroring, when hungry, when watching videos. Every second, we become different persons as we go through different states. … We are: a momentary expression of an ever-changing unity with no center. The psychological consequences of this as an objective belief system which allows self-awareness without attachment to the imagined self, causing dramatic increases in the mental clarity, social conscience, self-regulation and what’s often described as being in the moment. The common cultural belief has mostly been that we need a narrative, a diachronic view on our life, to establish moral values. But with our current understandings of the empathic and social nature of the brain, we now know that a purely scientific view, with no attachment to our identity or story, yields a far more accurate, meaningful and ethical paradigm than our anecdotal values. This is logical, since our traditional tendency to define ourselves as imaginary individualistic constants neurally wires and designs the brain towards dysfunctional cognitive processes, such as compulsive labeling and the psychological need to impose expectations. Practical labeling underpins all forms of interactions in our daily lives. But by psychologically labeling the self as internal and the environment as external, we constrain our own neurochemical processes and experience a deluded disconnection. Growth and its evolutionary side effects, such as happiness and fulfillment, are stimulated when we are not being labeled in our interactions. We may have many different views and disagree with one another in practical terms, but interactions that nevertheless accept us for who we are, without judgment, are neuropsychological catalysts that wire the human brain to acknowledge others and accept rationally verified belief systems without dissonance. Stimulating this type of neural activity and interaction alleviates the need for distraction or entertainment and creates cycles of constructive behavior in our environment. Sociologist have established that phenomena such as obesity and smoking, emotions and ideas, spread and ripple through society in much the same way that electric signals of neurons are transferred when their activity is synchronized. We are a global network of neurochemical reactions. And the self amplifying cycle of acceptance and acknowledgement, sustained by the daily choices in our interactions, is the chain reaction that will ultimately define our collective ability to overcome imagined differences and look at life in the grand scheme of things.

Promoted on You Tube by Professor of Communication Studies Corey Anton at Grand Valley State University

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