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Play With Your Image

Holistic Image Consultancy with Barbara Chabior


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            Fashion often dictates and defines the choices we make about our appearance. This season’s colour, cut or convention, if they are out of harmony with our natural colouring and body shape, can undermine our self-confidence and suppress our natural energy and enthusiasm. I use style and image to help you express positive emotions, to connect freely with aspects of your character through the look and feel of your clothes, caring for your hair and the innate beauty of your gestures, facial expressions and movement.


Over the past twenty years, I have explored the transformative power of image consultancy and personal styling with many glorious people. I have seen how a person’s self-belief can be strengthened by their clothes and colours that harmonise with their physical being and personality. It is a thrilling journey to experience and to witness!


My work can begin with a photo-shoot, a fun process that offers insights into your emotional world, dreams and aspirations. It continues with a close look at your present style and moves forward to provide a Colour Analysis consultation. The essence of transformation also informs my Holistic Styling consultation, Introductory Make-up Course.


I will help create your new look by choosing the cosmetics, clothes and accessories that ideally complement your nature, providing support as you discover the styles, make-up shades and colours that suit you best. My approach, which works for individuals and groups, draws on the knowledge and expertise of Colour Me Beautiful, one of the world’s leading image consultancies. It also stands on my long experience of working closely with individuals to maximise their potential and help them flourish.




Barbara Chabior

Visage Profesional School of

Make-Up and Style in Warsaw


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Price: £99


TO USE AS A GUIDE WHEN SHOPPING! Duration: 1.50 hours




Do the colours of your clothes work for or against you?


Our Colour Analysis reveals the colours that suit you best and provides you with the empowering knowledge and confidence necessary to make wise choices when choosing the colours of your wardrobe.

Taking Good Care of Your Wellbeing



  • Discover how your natural colouring is complimented by some colours and obscured by others.

  • Learn about your dominant colouring and how to match clothing colours, accessories and make-up to harmonise with it.

  • Find the colours and clothes that communicate your image clearly and eloquently to others.

  • Understand how to make the most of your existing wardrobe and introduce subtle changes to it through imaginative use of make-up, accessories and creative combinations of clothing.

  • Gain insights into the power of make-up to project your personality and the art of using it to refine and enhance your image.


Say Yes to a brighter life with our Colour Analysis consultation.




Session essentials:


Price: from £130

Receive: a 42-colour swatch wallet, worth £53  to use as a guide when shopping

Duration: 1 ½ hours.

Introductory Make-up Course


I can advise women of all ages about their choice and use of make-up. My Introductory Make-up Course is designed to help you make the best impression and complement your natural colouring. Some will discover new techniques and ways of using make-up; others will gain the confidence to break away from habitual patterns of make-up. Everybody can learn to use make-up to project health, vitality and vibrant wellbeing.


  • Discover the best make-up colours for your skin type and colouring.

  • Learn how to apply foundation as the basis for even, natural skin tone.

  • Discover ways to make your eyes appear larger and brighter.

  • Learn about healthy skin care.

  • Acquire the secrets of using and applying lip and eye colourings, everyday make-up and evening make-up.






















Session essentials:

Price: from £90

Receive: Personalised Make-up workbook

Duration: 1½ hours.

Holistic Styling Consultation



When advising on personal style and image, I begin by looking at the whole person. A photoshoot is a great place to start. The camera reveals much about our characters and emotional lives. I use its images to create styles that not only suit an individual’s body shape, budget and way of life but also project the positive values of your personality.


  • Learn how to choose the clothing styles that enhance your appearance, self-esteem and natural beauty.

  • Gain useful tips about how to save time when choosing your wardrobe and discover how to buy clothes from the high street that appear to have been made especially for you.

  • Discover how to build an affordable and stylish wardrobe of clothes that suit all occasions.

  • Find the mix of clothes and colours that contributes to your sense of wellbeing and fulfilment.

  • Learn how to develop a sustaining relationship with your appearance.


Session essentials:


Price: from £160

Receive: a personalised Style Workbook and a booklet outlining the latest styles for the season.

Duration: 2 hours

Full Image Consultation

,Why not try a Full Image Consultation to include Colour Analysis, Style and Make-up?


Special Price £280 (Duration 3 - 4 hours)


Any consultation can be arranged to suit you!


The full image consultation includes:


  • A colour consultation to discover which colour clothes suit you best

  • A make-up consultation to learn how to apply your best make-up shades

  • A style consultation to discover your style personality and make clothes work for your body shape, your style and your budget 



Take away:


A 42-colour swatch wallet, worth £53, to use as a guide when shopping


A personalised 12-page beauty workbook full of tips, including advice given on the day


A personalised 28-page style workbook full of tips together with information on the latest styles for the season











Beauty   Parties



Parties are a great way to get some friends together as well as being a relatively inexpensive way of having the Holistic Beauty Consultation experience – perfect for hen-nights, baby showers and busy mum parties or simply as an excuse to have a fun night with your friends.


Some party options:


Colour * Style * Make-up * Seasonal update * Bridal


Session essentials:


Price: £20-£30 per person

Receive: Free Advice and Beauty Gifts
Duration: 1½ hours.




Style Update



A Style Update takes the indecision and frustration out of looking up-to-date each season.

How it works: I will go through the new season's looks with a Powerpoint presentation to show you which styles work best for you and why.  You will learn about the 'must haves', the make-up trends and where the best places are to shop for your shape and colouring, always taking your budget into consideration. You will also be shown how to re-style pieces that you already own and learn simple ideas for updating your wardrobe and accessorising to keep your look current. You will recieve a Style Update booklet as a guide to all that you’ve learned in the session.The session will show you: 

  • Your best colours this season and how to combine them

  • This season’s must haves

  • Where to shop for your best styles

  • A new and natural make-up look

  • Easy ways to update your existing wardrobe

  • New styles for hair, glasses and accessories


Session essentials:

Price: from £80

Duration:   1 hour

Includes:    a Style Update booklet 



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